Is Axure the best tool for UX out there?

How NOT to Use Coupons

Red Robin sent my sister a great coupon offer today. The only problem is…”Photocopied, Internet-printed, altered or purchased offers are not valid” The coupon also says, “Print and bring in this email for $8 off” So, if I can’t Internet-print the coupon but I have to print the coupon, what do I do?

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My Review of Cross Strap with Clips

Originally submitted at Timbuk2 Used in all current Classic and Graphic Messenger bags. Cross Strap with Clips Thanks Timbuk2! Stupid Beer! By Stegel the Commuter from Hartford, CT on 7/16/2010   5out of 5 Pros: Improves Backpack Function Best Uses: Commuting Describe Yourself: Avid Adventurer What Is Your Gear Style: Minimalist Lost my stinking cross [...]

My Review of Giordana Corsa Cycling Shorts (For Men)

Originally submitted at Sierra Trading Post Closeouts . Giordana Corsa cycling shorts go all out when it comes to comfort and performance. 3D OmniForm cycling pad is a seamless, one-piece insert that is lightweight, flexible and designed to adapt to the contours of the body in motion. Comfortable stretch waist Breathable mesh leg panels… Giordana [...]

Steve Krug on the least you can do about usability

Click to Play Steve Krug is a thought-leader for doing usability “on the cheap.” This presentation at the Business of Software 2008 is a nice overview on the “least you can do about usability” He posits that anyone can do usability just, “not as well as me”An intere This video was originally shared on [...]

Talking-Head Video Is Boring [To Watch] Online; Users may still listen

I recently read Jakob’s Nielsen’s Alertbox article from Dec. 5, 2005 titled Talking-Head Video Is Boring Online and I started to think about how I watch/listen to video online. Looking at his eye-tracking screenshots and the accompanying video, we see that users do not spend all their time fixated on the video. There is equal [...]

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Adding Extensions to Radiant 0.8.1

This post is a continuation of Setting Up Radiant CMS 0.8.1 on Dreamhost Adding Extensions Drag Order Drag Order enables you to modify the order of pages by dragging them within the Radiant Admin Source: Make sure you are in your application’s vendor extensions directory [USERNAME@deathlok ~/rails/test_app]$ cd vendor/extensions/ Get the latest version of [...]

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Setting up Radiant CMS 0.8.1 on Dreamhost

I am working on a couple client projects leveraging the Radiant Content Management System ( and I thought it would be interesting to document the process I am going through to setup the production environment. The base environment is the following: Dreamhost Shared Hosting running mod_passenger on the domain ( Rails v2.3.4 ( The requirements [...]

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Skiing 2007 – January Update

2007 has started off with confusing weather, due to an almost complete lack of snow. But due to the excellent scientific knowledge of many great individuals, cold weather now allows our mountains to make their own snow. Therefore, even though yesterday was our first official snow day in Connecticut, I have been able to get [...]

My Last Dispatch

Hello all, After 30 days of backpacking through Europe, my trip sadly comes to an end. Once through with this email I will be heading off to Heathrow Airport to catch my last Air India flight back to the US. I will be home today (friday) around 4pm, but NYC traffic will be fun, putting [...]

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